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Strengthening Steel


Nozzle Filling Compound

PK Industries’ Nozzle Filling Compound has the capability to offer a free opening performance as per client requirement for various grades, heat sizes, processes and bore configurations. Depending upon the application, we can offer a unique chromite or zircon grade blend to achieve the best possible free opening performance.

It is important to note that a non-free opening ladle can result into extreme drawbacks such as deterioration in steel quality by lancing, ladle/heat return and delay in casting which causes huge monetary losses to the plant.

Our  nozzlex does not sinter at high temperatures and has excellent flowability, ensuring free opening of ladle.

* Packaging: As per the order

Casting Powder

'PK Industries’ Casting Powder contains low melting constituents that instantly generate liquid slag, which penetrates into the gap between the mould and the solidifying shell of the billet. Casting Powder is added in small amounts and continuously over the casting duration. The melting of the Casting Powder occurs slowly in layers. Hence, the top surface of the liquid metal in the billet / slab / bloom always remains protected from the atmosphere.


It is used for bloom, slab casting & billet (open) casting also as an alternative to mould oil .

* Packaging : As per order.

Ladle Covering Compound

'PK Industries' Ladle Covering Compound is a highly insulating powder, which has very good expandability and spreadability so that it expands and spreads instantly to cover entire molten steel surface in the ladle.

Our quality product significantly reduces heat loss due to radiation from the top surface of liquid steel. It helps in maintaining consistent ladle temperature and also prevents temperature drop and freezing of metal in longer duration casting.

* Packaging : As per order.


'PK Industries' castable is mainly used for high temperature easy to wear parts of the furnace, compared with the use of refractory in the outstanding advantages: good integrity, high strength, anti-peeling, the overall lining life can be increased by 30% -50%, or even several times. Applicable to the construction of complex parts of the structure, improve construction efficiency. Good air tightness, less heat loss, can save energy and so on.

Currently, we manufacture castable of 60s and 90s.

* Packaging: As per order

Glasss Powder

'PK Industries' Glass Powder can be used as a chemical in foundries and other laboratories.

* Packaging: As per order

Carbon Black

Carbon black has a wide range of uses across an array of applications in three markets – specialty, mechanical rubber goods and tires. It is vital to rubber products for reinforcement. In the specialty market, carbon black also plays an important role as a black pigment to impart jetness in inks and coatings as well as blackness, UV protection and conductivity in plastics. For select niche applications, including adhesives, sealants, ceramics and glass, carbon black’s properties can enhance appearance, electrical conductivity and protection from environmental stresses.

In addition to our many off-the-shelf products that have proven ideal for market demands worldwide, our technical services teams can also work directly with you, collaborating to deliver custom solutions for your custom needs.

* Packaging: As per order



P.K. Industries is a well-known manufacturer, exporter, and supplier. We offer our clients high-quality nozzle filling compound, castable, casting powder, radex insulation powder, carbon powder, and glass powder. We are offering the market a wide variety of excellent quality products that are widely demanded by our clients all over the country and abroad. Products offered by us are known for their long life and various industrial usages. These are manufactured using the optimum quality raw material that we procure from some of the most reliable vendors in the market. We are capable of making these products available in various packaging options.


P.K. Industries is situated in Jharkhand (India). The company is being run and managed by our mentor and guide, Mr. P.K. Gupta (Owner). We are soaring to the new heights of success with each passing day.




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